A year well spent

Until I made these mosaics I genuinely felt as though I hadn't done that much sewing this year. It always seems like something else takes precedent, like the kids or work or the dog or eating or sleeping - you know how it is. And then I had a look at my photos and nearly fell over.There were a few bagsSome bee blocks and charity blocksDipping a toe back into dressmakingOne or two things for the houseA couple of mini quiltsAnd some bigger quilts (including the mahoosive bloom)But the highlight of the bloggy year for me was the Pervalong - look at all these amazing quilts! I love them all.Thank you all for your comments and support this year - I've made some great friends (in real life and [Read more...]

Field Study Feathers

The not-so-secret-sewing that I was doing last week is finished now, and has resulted in a Field Study Feather Bed Quilt for Annie to display on her Village Haberdashery stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show next month. I learned several things from making this quilt. First, bias edges need a LOT of pinning (to be fair, I already knew this but was feeling lazy). Secondly, even large-scale prints can look amazing when cut up into teeny bits. And thirdly, dark grey is a total pain in the arse to photograph. On that note, here are some pretty awful photos of an actually-lovely-in-real-life quilt.I was a bit stumped on how to quilt this baby, and after consultation with the [Read more...]

A finish (and an eeeeeep)

First, the finish. The "Touch of yellow" quilt is done. I really struggled with finding a name for it (not least because Kelly insisted on calling it the "50 shades of perv" quilt). I don't normally name quilts at all, but I wanted to enter it into Quiltcon so I had to come up with something. So, may I introduce "Fracture" (sorry, Kelly).It's 36 inches square and made using 10 kona solids (black, pepper, charcoal, steel, iron, ash, canary, papaya, maize and corn yellow). It's a bugger to photograph because of the huge difference in value and the low contrast between the groups of dark greys. Thank goodness for photoshop. It's tied, rather than quilted, with the stitches made from the [Read more...]


It's done, probably, although I keep tinkering and stitching even though the binding is on and it's hanging on the wall. It finished at 12 x 16 inches in the end. Just a tiny thing.I might enter it into QuiltCon. I'm a bit proud of this baby - it's me, if you know what I mean.

Get out of my head, dammit

As if having a puppy in the house wasn't messing with my sleep enough there has been a quilt brewing in my head, mostly at night. It was time to get the bloody thing out of my brain and into fabric.It's little (about 12 inches by 18 or so, but I haven't measured it), and is made of eight or nine (I forgot to count) warm neutrals and a single pop of red. I'm going to hand quilt the bejeezus out of it in several neutrals and a gorgeous variegated red perle by Valdani that I picked up at the Festival of Quilts. It's called "Analysis of Variance", in a nod to realjob (it's a statistical method). I can't believe that I have finally named a quilt. I never thought I would see the day.

Small miracles

Lilly's little memory quilt is finished. It came together pretty quickly in the end, once all the interfacing and fussy cutting was done. Blimey, sewing knits to regular woven cotton is tricky. Even with the stabilising influence of the interfacing there was still a fair bit of stretching and wriggling going on. I have never been more thankful for my walking foot!The quilting is really simple squares, stitched in the ditch. It's quite heavy and I wanted it to stay as cuddly and soft as possible. I broke a bit of a personal rule and machine finished the binding for a change. I figured that it would be getting a lot of use, and if I waited until I had time to hand finish it then Lilly [Read more...]

A memory quilt

My lovely friend Siobhian asked me about a gazillion years ago if I could make a quilt out of her daughter's baby clothes, and last week a bagful of the most adorable sleepsuits arrived in the post. We decided on a simple design of five-inch squares, supplemented with bits of a Walk in the Woods charm pack.I've never sewn with knit fabrics before (at least, not since a really badly failed attempt at a jersey top in my teens. Boy, was that a disaster!) so fused everything to woven interfacing before cutting the squares.  It makes things quite heavy, but at least it won't go wibbly when I stitch it together.I love the details on some of the pieces - little pockets and embroidered [Read more...]

A couple of exciting developments

I'm pretty excited for a couple of reasons today. I've been waiting a while to join do. Good Stitches - the charity bee - and I finally got an invitation to join a new circle a couple of days ago. I am so excited to be able to give a little something back. This month our host Marika asked for wonky bento blocks in raspberry, aqua, green and grey. These blocks were so much fun to make, and I am sure the quilt will be just lovely when it is finished.The other exciting development is the arrival of Katie, our puppy. So far she has sniffed everything, eaten some pretty dubious bits of garden, cried a bit, licked a lot more, and is now taking a nap. Being this adorable is exhausting, [Read more...]

A start, and a stop

This is the middle section of my touch of yellow quilt. I can't go any further until I get hold of a couple more greys (charcoal, steel and iron. Annie, are you listening?). I am pretty happy with the way it is going so far, and I really want to carry on with it. Not having the fabric available is quite a good thing though because I really am supposed to be working. Really really supposed to be working. Sigh.In other news, we are getting a puppy. This time last week we had only the vaguest idea that we might one day get a dog. And then this happened:So we caved. Spectacularly. She is only six weeks old at the moment so we have a bit of time to prepare ourselves (and the back garden) [Read more...]