Going camping

Well, technically we're going glamping. The difference being the flushing loo, running water, wood-burning stove and proper beds. It's a repeat of last year's holiday, but hopefully (according to the forecast at least) without the torrential rain. And with the addition of a slightly crazy dog. Apparently there are free-range chickens all over the farm. This could prove interesting.I thought about taking my new machine with us but have settled on my Lizzy House rose stars that have been lingering for quite some time. Like over a year. I kind of lost interest once I'd done the interesting bits but I really want to get it finished. I'm hoping that the lack of electricity will focus my mind [Read more...]

Colourful language

Another wall quilt finished, although this one is quite a bit less subdued than the last.It's a collaboration with Chawne, who is renowned for her quilts that don't mince words. We got talking about the UK vs US difference in euphemisms and decided to celebrate our "two countries divided by a common language" in quilty form. It was quite difficult to pick out those expressions that are entirely British, and haven't been bastardised from American English. Consequently, my quilt is pretty small. I think Chawne's will end up queen size at the rate she's going (you can see two of her recent blocks here).My little quilt is made with raw edge applique letters, which were then scribbled out [Read more...]

This post is brought to you by a surname

Jones, to be specific.Look at my new baby. My hand-cranked, 100-years-old, sews-like-a-dream baby. I learned to make clothes on a machine just like this, way back when I was nine. I had forgotten until now, when I was showing the children how it worked, the beauty of having such direct speed control. It more than makes up for the limitations of having to use only one hand to steer the fabric.This machine is so old school that the bobbin is a little teeny shuttle and there are no seam allowance markings. Nothing a piece of washi tape won't fix.The other Jones in this story is everyone's favourite monkey. When I saw her at the Festival of Quilts a couple of weeks ago she did an extremely [Read more...]

Woven, and insanity

Ages ago, I happened across this image on Pinterest. As well as being amazed that it was a painting (seriously, the talent!!) I knew that I wanted to make a quilty version. Hence this big old pile of assorted neutrals, which then became a similarly big old pile of strips:That were then foundation pieced onto white sheeting to make the woven effect:The insanity came with the quilting - very dense, with lines about 1 - 2 mm apart, with thread to match the fabric. The piecing itself took about 12 hours (bear in mind that this is a very small quilt - about 50 by 80 cm), but the quilting took days and days. I deliberately left some sections unquilted so that there would be some variation in [Read more...]


At last I can finally show you the baby quilt I made a couple of months ago for issue 14 of Fat Quarterly magazine. I am really bad at keeping quilty secrets (not any other kind though - with those I am excellent), so this has been driving me CRAZY!This little quilt was another of those insomnia-inducing ideas. I wanted to make a not-too-babyish quilt for a new great nephew who will be arriving soon, and of course Oakshotts were the way to go. I love them so much it's like an illness. The final quilt is so soft and light - all thanks to the gorgeous fabric.I used the blues from a Water F8th bundle, and excitingly I will have another bundle to share with one of you next week, so make sure you [Read more...]

What I’ve been up to

Indulging my inner 12-year-old, in collaboration with the queen of words.According to the ten-year-old, it's "so inappropriate!"I think I might hang it in the hallway when it's done, just to embarrass her.Hehehehehehehehehe.

Not quite sure how this slipped my mind…

But I've been meaning to show you my finished juicy quilt top for a while. I lost the plot slightly and decided to add in some 3/4 inch HSTs after all. Madness, I tell you!It's about 5ft square, I reckon. I can't seem to get around to basting it for some reason. Possibly because I have no idea how to quilt it. Any thoughts?

Because I’m not making enough things

And also because I've had an Architextures jelly roll knocking around since last October.And also because I just got my sweaty little mitts on a 60ยบ ruler.And also just because.In other news, it's Katie's birthday today. I made her a cake out of fancy dog food with a crushed kibble base, just like a cheesecake.I didn't try it, but she seemed to like it - it lasted about a minute and a half. Happy birthday, puppity. We love you.