What I brought home, what I left behind

Fabric for me...and for others (just call me a fabric mule)Inklooking a little crusty this morning. Nice.Swag (mostly for volunteering)ANOVARibbons (all made by Elizabeth Hartmann)But not Fracture.That's the hotel paid for.Thank you to the QuiltCon organising committee for putting on such a fantastic show - I had a blast. See you in 2015!

When life gives you lemons…

...go on a road trip.I had an early morning call today, one of those wonderful automated things that they use to deliver bad news so you can't shout at an actual human. My flight from Austin to Dallas was cancelled. There were no seats on any flight out of Austin to any city that connects with London. I need to get home for tomorrow. The man at British Airways did the "computer says no" thing. Anyway, long story short I am now booked to fly out of Houston (a three hour drive away) tonight, and my husband's amazingly kind and generous best friend is going to drive me there.Sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need, even if you don't.I had time this morning to visit an amazing looking [Read more...]

*insert sad face emoticon here*

Well, it's over. I am so tired I can barely think straight. The jet lag, the excitement and the volunteering have all added up to me being a bit of a zombie. Let's hope that translates into getting some sleep on the plane home tomorrow.Today I was a workshop assistant in Denyse Schmidt's improvisational patchwork class (together with the hilarious Julie), which was so much fun. It was amazing to see her teach - she has a very gentle and inspirational style and made sure that everyone felt good about their work. We were really lucky that in the afternoon there wasn't much to do, and we had time to make a couple of blocks ourselves. The idea is that you choose fabric scraps without looking [Read more...]

A few more quilts

Here's a small photo dump of some more of the winning quilts. In case you were wondering, the ribbons and labels are not to scale. Just thought I should make that clear in case you thought the quilts were all teeny!First, the unbelievably amazing winner of the Handwork category (Kelly, control yourself). This quilt is huge - I'm guessing about 8' x 6' - and just beautiful. (Click on the photo to enlarge and read the label)Next is the winner of the Use of Negative Space category:And the winner of the Group or Bee Quilts, which is just amazing in real life. Seriously, photos do not do justice to any of these quilts.Finally, this surprisingly tiny and utterly gorgeous mini by Leanne, which came [Read more...]

A pretty good day

Today was mostly spent buying fabric (not all of which was for me, I must add) and drooling over quilts. I promise to take more photos tomorrow, but in the meantime here are the three big prize winners. From the top: best machine quilting (Carolyn Friedlander), quilting excellence (Karen Anderson-Abraham) and best in show (Victoria Findlay Wolfe).amazing detail in the quiltingBut by far the MOST amazing thing that happened today was this:Look at the cuteness of the ribbon!!!ANOVA came second in the Modern in Miniature category! You can see some of the other entries here. I am over the moon (and more than a little stunned) that I placed. As I think you can probably tell by my face.I'll be [Read more...]

Austin, baby!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!It's HERE!!!!!!!So much quilty inspirationmy baby!!!!I worked a shift as a volunteer and ended up hand stitching the binding to the back of the new MQG banner. It has a perimeter of about 7 metres and there were three of us working on it at once to get it finished in time. Not a bad task, especially because it was quilted by Angela Walters.that's my dress in the foreground, not part of the quiltTomorrow I'm going to a few lectures and doing some shopping. I'm also planning on spending some time communing with the quilts. There's an exhibition of Denyse Schmidt's quilts that I may just stand in for about three hours. While drooling.