It’s beginning to feel a lot like Autumn

And that means it's time for a new hat. Because I spend a lot of time outdoors (blah blah blah dog) I am generally sick of the sight of my hats by the end of Winter. Ah well, if that means I have an excuse to knit a new one then so be it. It's a tough life.I picked up some Malabrigo merino worsted yesterday at Annie's (where else) in a gorgeous green, rather splendidly called "Lettuce". It's so soft and snuggly it almost doesn't feel like wool at all. Of course, I had to start knitting straightaway. It was a hat emergency.yes, those are Hand Drawn Garden pjs. I keep forgetting to mention those.I used a mash up of two patterns from the Purl Bee, with the sizing for the women's hat and the [Read more...]

No surface is safe

I don't have a terribly extensive yarn stash, but every now and again something jumps out at me and makes me buy it. I'm sure you know what I mean. I've had a beautiful skein of beaded silk yarn knocking around for a very long time - I bought it on a whim in New York about seven years ago, with no immediate plans of what I could use it for. Clearly. So I took it along to my knitting class a couple of weeks ago and asked Monica what she thought I could do with it. As chance would have it, she had just submitted a project to a magazine that also used a beaded yarn. A brilliant project. A project that made me both giggle and want to make it at the same time.this is all that remains. I'm [Read more...]

It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks after all

Blimey, it's been quiet around here lately. The kids are finally back at school and I have had to dive head first into the giant pile of actual work that got neglected in the holidays. I haven't touched my sewing machine for weeks - I'm in danger of forgetting how it works.One thing I have managed to find time for is a fantastic knitting class at The Village Haberdashery. It is a really relaxed workshop for all abilities, and you can sign up for as many classes as you like (in blocks of three). A couple of women in the group had never picked up a pair of knitting needles, and by the end of the first session they were well on their way to making a gorgeous scarf! The teacher, Monica, is [Read more...]

Knitting, again

Contrary to what you might think (because of my massive obsession with all things fabricky), I also knit now and again. I tend to make small things, because I am too mean to spend a fortune on yarn and also because I am a pretty slow knitter. I have strong memories of my mother knitting the same sweater for about 12 years (I kid you not). It started off being for my eldest sister, then my middle sister, and finally me. It eventually got thrown away in disgust (still unfinished) when I was about ten sizes too big for it.So, yes, I knit hats and scarves and baby clothes and socks. And right now I am knitting a clapotis, which sounds like it should be some kind of venereal disease but is [Read more...]

A year well spent

Until I made these mosaics I genuinely felt as though I hadn't done that much sewing this year. It always seems like something else takes precedent, like the kids or work or the dog or eating or sleeping - you know how it is. And then I had a look at my photos and nearly fell over.There were a few bagsSome bee blocks and charity blocksDipping a toe back into dressmakingOne or two things for the houseA couple of mini quiltsAnd some bigger quilts (including the mahoosive bloom)But the highlight of the bloggy year for me was the Pervalong - look at all these amazing quilts! I love them all.Thank you all for your comments and support this year - I've made some great friends (in real life and [Read more...]

Muscle memory

I was tidying the living room the other day (trust me, it doesn't happen very often) and rediscovered the giant granny square blanket that I started making about two years ago. I'm not sure why it got forgotten, but it has been sitting in a basket under the coffee table for a very long time. There was no way, I thought, that I would be able to pick it up and carry on without going back and relearning how to crochet. Surely a two-year hiatus would have erased my extremely limited crochet skills. I was amazed, and a bit relieved, that my hands remembered what to do, even if my brain didn't. That kind of thing fascinates me.It's about 34 inches square at the moment, and I think I have enough [Read more...]

A quilt (top) for mum

My mum asked me a couple of months ago if I would make her a quilt, and it seemed the least I could do, seeing as she gave me life and all. She picked out a Kaffe Fassett pattern (the Welsh Quilt, from V&A Quilts) and we hot footed it off to Liberty on a fabric buying expedition.  Mum had a very specific size in mind (60 inches square, to sit on top of her double bed), so the pattern needed to be altered slightly. I didn't fully appreciate how complicated that would be until I actually sat down to work it out - there are a LOT of triangles in the borders, all of which have to be precisely the right length. Pythagoras was not helping. In the end I used freezer paper to foundation [Read more...]