Puppy = toddler

As you can see, someone had a lot of fun with the wrapping paper this Christmas. We had a lovely day, just the two of us (four if you count the pets), eating way too much food and getting inexplicably tipsy on really not that much champagne. I can drink pretty much anyone under the table with tequila, but when it comes to wine I am off my face after half a glass. Odd, and also convenient when on a budget.I did manage to sneak some sewing time yesterday though, and whipped up a selvedge spider web block for Liz in the other half of the Kinky Bee. I have so many selvedges it seemed ridiculous not to share, and I have been wanting to give this block a go for a while. It's pretty huge (17 inches [Read more...]

From my (sort of a little bit American) family to yours

Today I am thankful for family, for health, for laughter and (of course) for pie. But mostly for my husband who has brought this wonderful new family tradition with him from across the pond. We have so much, it's good to take time to be grateful now and then. Wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving or a happy Thursday, whichever applies.

Now you are ten

Dear LucyToday is your tenth birthday, and although I usually shy away from the overly emotional "my kids are fab and I love them so much" style of blogging, I can't seem to help myself today.You see, sweet girl, you are amazing. I have never met anyone so creative, so funny, so kind. I know that sometimes I get frustrated with you, and I am sorry. I need to try to remember that you have so many things to dream about and the real world can sometimes get forgotten.Having said that, it would be wonderful if you could tidy your room now and again.So happy birthday, my love. Dream big.Mum xxx

A couple of exciting developments

I'm pretty excited for a couple of reasons today. I've been waiting a while to join do. Good Stitches - the charity bee - and I finally got an invitation to join a new circle a couple of days ago. I am so excited to be able to give a little something back. This month our host Marika asked for wonky bento blocks in raspberry, aqua, green and grey. These blocks were so much fun to make, and I am sure the quilt will be just lovely when it is finished.The other exciting development is the arrival of Katie, our puppy. So far she has sniffed everything, eaten some pretty dubious bits of garden, cried a bit, licked a lot more, and is now taking a nap. Being this adorable is exhausting, [Read more...]

A start, and a stop

This is the middle section of my touch of yellow quilt. I can't go any further until I get hold of a couple more greys (charcoal, steel and iron. Annie, are you listening?). I am pretty happy with the way it is going so far, and I really want to carry on with it. Not having the fabric available is quite a good thing though because I really am supposed to be working. Really really supposed to be working. Sigh.In other news, we are getting a puppy. This time last week we had only the vaguest idea that we might one day get a dog. And then this happened:So we caved. Spectacularly. She is only six weeks old at the moment so we have a bit of time to prepare ourselves (and the back garden) [Read more...]

Happy day

As I mentioned yesterday, today is our second wedding anniversary, which calls for cotton gifts. How extraordinarily convenient.Lucie's porthole technique, with (of course) SummersvilleI don't want to get overly mushy (I am English, you know. Stiff upper lip and all that), but I really would marry him over and over again.I also took advantage of Lucie's brilliant fabric design skills to whip up a coaster:ok, so there's some linen in there. Sue me.And I am just going to leave this here, because why not. Happy Anniversary, baby. Love you 8.

Fantastic things

A lot of pretty wonderful stuff has happened in the last few days. First, my Oakshott quilt won favourite throw quilt! Thank you all so much for the votes and comments - I am incredibly happy and honoured! This was my first time entering the festival, and it was such a great experience. I look forward to the next one.Next was the Fat Quarterly retreat. I could only go for one day, but what a day it was. It was so much fun to finally meet all these people I have been stalking following for such a long time, not to mention hang out with the other members of the London Modern Quilt Guild. I took two classes: freezer paper piecing with Kerry and frame purses with Katy, both of which were [Read more...]

A quilt (top) for mum

My mum asked me a couple of months ago if I would make her a quilt, and it seemed the least I could do, seeing as she gave me life and all. She picked out a Kaffe Fassett pattern (the Welsh Quilt, from V&A Quilts) and we hot footed it off to Liberty on a fabric buying expedition.  Mum had a very specific size in mind (60 inches square, to sit on top of her double bed), so the pattern needed to be altered slightly. I didn't fully appreciate how complicated that would be until I actually sat down to work it out - there are a LOT of triangles in the borders, all of which have to be precisely the right length. Pythagoras was not helping. In the end I used freezer paper to foundation [Read more...]

Time marches on

I'm not sure where the last six years have disappeared to. Thankfully there is some evidence of their passing in the increasing size of the children.six years agoIt's funny to think that my baby is the same age as his biggest sister was when he was born. I thought she was so grown up at the time - the perils of being the oldest child, I suppose.last month (taken by John)Happy birthday, sweet boy. Don't grow up too fast, ok?