What can you give the man who has everything?

(especially when your husband vetoes your previous idea as being "too womanly")My dad is, like many dads, totally impossible to buy for. With the obvious (and boring) exceptions of chocolate and shower gel, anything he wants he already has or is too expensive for me to afford. My sisters and I totally shot ourselves in the foot by buying him a Kindle for his 75th birthday - we can't even get him books anymore. On the other hand, it was literally the best thing we have ever bought him, so that's nice.However, the man who has everything needs a present, and I need to give him a gift that means something to me. He's done a lot for me, as you might imagine, and it makes me a little sad that I [Read more...]

teeny tiny teeny tiny

I'm playing along with the fabric ATC swap organised by Ali at Very Berry Handmade. I've been feeling a bit on the uninspired side lately, mostly due to having too much work to do, but a good old rummage around in the Flickr group helped give me the requisite kick up the backside. Finding something small enough to fit the tiny format was tricky - the ATC is only 3.5 x 2.5 inches.The theme is "something new" which got me thinking about babies of all kinds, and especially eggs in a nest. Hence, I made an applique of some eggs in a nest.Sometimes my thought processes are deep. And then sometimes they aren't.

A Christmassy swap

We are having a little handmade ornament swap in the LMQG this month. It's a secret swap, which is always fun. Right up until the moment when you have a panic attack just before handing over your item. Please tell me I'm not the only one.Anyway, when I saw this completely adorable angel I knew it was perfect. I cut out all the little bits of felt before I went to Market and then carried them all the way there and back again without actually taking the bloody thing out of my bag. Unsurprisingly.I really hope my partner likes it. Not least because that gold thread is a total pain in the arse to work with. Seriously, it had me swearing. If anybody knows of a decent gold embroidery thread (that [Read more...]

Good advice, all round

I made a couple of embroideries for my girls last year, but never quite managed to get around to making one for the boy. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for ages, and finally settled on this one.I love marking stitching patterns and lines with these pens. The ink disappears with heat, so a quick swipe with an iron (or a wave over the toaster) and you get another go at the design. Be warned - they really don't last very long and they are pretty expensive so keep them away from the kids in case they get addicted to them.We have snow on the ground and a fire burning. I'm off to finish stitching.