A memory quilt

My lovely friend Siobhian asked me about a gazillion years ago if I could make a quilt out of her daughter's baby clothes, and last week a bagful of the most adorable sleepsuits arrived in the post. We decided on a simple design of five-inch squares, supplemented with bits of a Walk in the Woods charm pack.I've never sewn with knit fabrics before (at least, not since a really badly failed attempt at a jersey top in my teens. Boy, was that a disaster!) so fused everything to woven interfacing before cutting the squares.  It makes things quite heavy, but at least it won't go wibbly when I stitch it together.I love the details on some of the pieces - little pockets and embroidered [Read more...]

A couple of exciting developments

I'm pretty excited for a couple of reasons today. I've been waiting a while to join do. Good Stitches - the charity bee - and I finally got an invitation to join a new circle a couple of days ago. I am so excited to be able to give a little something back. This month our host Marika asked for wonky bento blocks in raspberry, aqua, green and grey. These blocks were so much fun to make, and I am sure the quilt will be just lovely when it is finished.The other exciting development is the arrival of Katie, our puppy. So far she has sniffed everything, eaten some pretty dubious bits of garden, cried a bit, licked a lot more, and is now taking a nap. Being this adorable is exhausting, [Read more...]

Scrappy coaster tutorial

Scrappy coasters are my go-to gift. They come together quickly, you can make them to co-ordinate with any colour scheme and they help nibble away at the scrap mountain, which is always a good thing. I was making a set today (for a commission, excitingly) and thought I would put together a tutorial. They are not difficult to make, but there are a few little tips that make them even easier. So here we go - my first tutorial. I hope it all makes sense!First gather your scraps. You can use even the tiniest pieces – some of mine were only an inch wide. You can iron them if you want, but I don’t usually bother. Sew scraps together until the piece is bigger than 5 inches square. [Read more...]

Sew hexy

Yesterday Aneela came over with Pennie and Kelly and we spent the day sewing with Cherry Christmas. It was so exciting to see it in person - the designs are gorgeous. Cute teeny robins and snow globes, and loads of fantastic other goodies. Plans are brewing for a tree skirt, and maybe some napkins for Christmas Day. Hmmmmmm...As a thank you for helping her out, Aneela very generously emptied a giant bag of Sew Stitchy scraps on the table and let us loose on them. I don't think this is even available in shops yet, and there was a lot of squealing involved. The prints are gorgeous, so clever and pretty. How brilliant is that stripe made of chain stitch, and those pins? Genius!I stitched [Read more...]

A start, and a stop

This is the middle section of my touch of yellow quilt. I can't go any further until I get hold of a couple more greys (charcoal, steel and iron. Annie, are you listening?). I am pretty happy with the way it is going so far, and I really want to carry on with it. Not having the fabric available is quite a good thing though because I really am supposed to be working. Really really supposed to be working. Sigh.In other news, we are getting a puppy. This time last week we had only the vaguest idea that we might one day get a dog. And then this happened:So we caved. Spectacularly. She is only six weeks old at the moment so we have a bit of time to prepare ourselves (and the back garden) [Read more...]


I've been brewing up some ideas for the Brit Quilt Swap. At first I thought cathedral windows, but then I decided I didn't like the finish (not that quilty and no binding) so have settled on an orange peel pattern instead. The effect is similar, but has the advantage of using more feature fabrics. That means extra rainbowy goodness. Excellent.it's just slapped on the design wall right now, which explains the wonkinessThere's a little bit of needle turn applique involved, but I don't mind too much. I say that now, but ask me again when it's finished.I'm looking forward to getting my stitch on this weekend.

Kaleidoscope Crush

I've met some lovely people through the London Modern Quilt Guild. It's incredible how quickly you can bond with people when you have something in common. Even though the group has been going for just seven months I have made some fantastic friends. Pennie has tried to steal my innocent crush mini on several occasions, which is hilarious (and pretty flattering). Last week she asked me if I could make her a little quilt with a jelly roll that she had managed to find on Etsy. It's funny, because before she asked me I had spent a couple of weeks unsuccessfully trying to find a layer cake so that I could surprise her with a leeetle something.The love emblem pattern needs bigger pieces than [Read more...]

Happy day

As I mentioned yesterday, today is our second wedding anniversary, which calls for cotton gifts. How extraordinarily convenient.Lucie's porthole technique, with (of course) SummersvilleI don't want to get overly mushy (I am English, you know. Stiff upper lip and all that), but I really would marry him over and over again.I also took advantage of Lucie's brilliant fabric design skills to whip up a coaster:ok, so there's some linen in there. Sue me.And I am just going to leave this here, because why not. Happy Anniversary, baby. Love you 8.

An impossible task

Taking a photo of this quilt in its entirety, that is. This is the best I can do, although to be fair all you are really missing is a good view of the mahoosiveness. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that you don't lose any of the actual design in the bits that hang over the edge of the bed. That Aneela is a genius!just so you get some idea of scale, those are *my* feet, not one of the kidsI am so happy with how this turned out. I spent literally every waking hour this weekend stitching - my hands ache in an "I achieved something" kind of way. It feels good. Now if only I had some scaffolding or something that I could hang the bugger off I would show you the quilting from the [Read more...]


I had a busy month!Looking at this I am not sure how I managed to fit in anything else. Luckily I still just about had time for the basics, like feeding the kids and taking a shower.Linking up with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day