From my (sort of a little bit American) family to yours

Today I am thankful for family, for health, for laughter and (of course) for pie. But mostly for my husband who has brought this wonderful new family tradition with him from across the pond. We have so much, it's good to take time to be grateful now and then. Wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving or a happy Thursday, whichever applies.

Wrapping up the Pervalong

Well, that's it - the official Pervalong schedule is now complete. The flickr group will of course stay open for questions, and I would really love to see any other quilts that get finished. I have loved hosting this quiltalong, and watching all the beautiful and varied versions being made has been so fantastic. Thank you all for sewing along with me - I hope you have enjoyed it!I wish that I could send prizes to everyone that linked up, but Mr Random has dictated that the first prize of a Kona roll-up in the bright colourway goes to... (insert dramatic pause here) ...Gemma L (Silver Fox Cub).The second prize (generously sponsored by The Village Haberdashery) of a Field Study charm pack [Read more...]

Pervalong – border 2 and finishing your quilt top

This week in the Pervalong we will be adding the outer border (border 2), which is made up of 20 squares. There are a few things to note before you start piecing this section (look at me getting all fancy with the bullet points!):If you are planning on binding your quilt with your outermost fabric, please be sure to set aside your binding strips before you cut any bits for piecing.Because these blocks are significantly larger than the others you will actually need to press each seam with an iron as you stitch, rather than finger pressing.Some of the squares (11, 12, 14, 16 and 19) include seams that are not strictly necessary. I like to include them to add interest to an otherwise largish [Read more...]

Pervalong – border 1

Hello again! This week it's the turn of the inner border, imaginatively named "Border 1", which is made of 14 rectangles. This is where you get to use almost all of your remaining fabrics and your colour gradation will start to become really obvious.As before, here is the colour-by-numbers version of the piecing diagram:(The red numbers are the fabrics you need to use, and the grey ones are the number of that paper section).Once you have made all your sections, sew together 5, 6 and 7, and 12, 13 and 14 to make the two short (side) border pieces. Then make the two long border pieces (top and bottom). Make sure you get all your paper templates the right way around and in the right order. It [Read more...]

Pervalong – piecing central blocks C and D

Welcome to the next instalment in the pervalong, which follows the same basic principles as last week. I am sure that by now you are all experts at piecing your shapes so here are the suggested colour layouts for blocks C and D. Again, you can change these however you like, or not.And here are mine all pieced (remember, it ends up a mirror image):When you have finished all four of the central blocks you can sew them together. The only piece of advice I have for you here is to remove the paper along the long seam line (after you have sewn it), just to make pressing a little easier:And there you have it, the central section all finished.Next week borders, where you get into the rest of your [Read more...]

Mouthy stitches FINISHED!

And ahead of time, too. Amazing considering I have a to-do list the length of an Olympic swimming pool and a shed load of work to do (that I may or may not be avoiding).After consulting my partner's very comprehensive inspiration mosaic I decided on a bright and happy approach. I've been wanting to try this block for a while, mainly because it is called "Road to Tennessee," and that is where the lovely husband is from. Call me sentimental, I don't mind. Anyhoo, some rainbowy goodness, a little hand stitching and some Essex linen and it was done. Not forgetting the obligatory texty lining, of course.and I put a bird on itThe additional item is a key fob, which I can't show you because it will [Read more...]

Pervalong – piecing central blocks A and B

I hope you all have your fabric and are ready to start piecing! Before you do anything else, take your 3/4 metre length that includes your binding fabric and cut four 2.25 or 2.5 inch wide (whatever you prefer) width-of-fabric strips. Put these away for later. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may have had to buy extra black the first time because I forgot to do this. Ahem.If you are new to foundation paper piecing, then please check out this tutorial for a brilliant, clear set of instructions that are far better than I could manage!Here are the suggested colour layouts for block A and B. To make things a little easier for those of you using your own colour schemes I have included a [Read more...]

Field Study Feathers

The not-so-secret-sewing that I was doing last week is finished now, and has resulted in a Field Study Feather Bed Quilt for Annie to display on her Village Haberdashery stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show next month. I learned several things from making this quilt. First, bias edges need a LOT of pinning (to be fair, I already knew this but was feeling lazy). Secondly, even large-scale prints can look amazing when cut up into teeny bits. And thirdly, dark grey is a total pain in the arse to photograph. On that note, here are some pretty awful photos of an actually-lovely-in-real-life quilt.I was a bit stumped on how to quilt this baby, and after consultation with the [Read more...]

Now you are ten

Dear LucyToday is your tenth birthday, and although I usually shy away from the overly emotional "my kids are fab and I love them so much" style of blogging, I can't seem to help myself today.You see, sweet girl, you are amazing. I have never met anyone so creative, so funny, so kind. I know that sometimes I get frustrated with you, and I am sorry. I need to try to remember that you have so many things to dream about and the real world can sometimes get forgotten.Having said that, it would be wonderful if you could tidy your room now and again.So happy birthday, my love. Dream big.Mum xxx