Bumblebees? I’m in!

I’m really happy to be today’s stop on the Tilda Bumblebee blog hop! As you can probably imagine, I’m a bit of a sucker for anything with bees on it, so I jumped at the chance to sew something with this lovely collection. 

This is such a sweet selection of pretty florals in gorgeous colours, and I thought that the blues and oranges would make an adorable dress for a tiny girl.

can you see the bees?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) I don’t have a tiny girl of my own, but my friend Kelly volunteered her niece, and we chose the Geranium dress from Made by Rae with a sleeveless bodice and patch pockets. Pockets are essential for all those pebble/feather/half-chewed sweet storage emergencies that toddlers seem to encounter on a daily basis, I think.

The main fabric for the dress was Flower Nest in ginger, with Cherry Blossom in blue for the lining and pockets. A rummage through the giant tin of randomness (admit it, you have one too) turned up three matching orange buttons. A miracle of almost unprecedented proportions.

I can’t wait to see photos of Kelly’s niece in the finished dress – I think she will look adorable!

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  1. Irene

    Despite some parts of my life being completely disorganised my button collection is utterly sorted. Each set of buttons in a tiny bag, each bag in a recycled washing tablet box- each box containing a different colour. No idea why my threads (by type then colour, stored in cutlery racks in a drawer) and buttons call to be so tidy when my paperwork is a mountain on the dining table! So no random button tin for me.

  2. Jo Smart

    That dress is adorable, Charlotte! These fabrics are the bees knees. 😉 You know it. I’m totally in love with them. I love your colour mixes, it’s great to see bold choices. (Admittedly I mostly wear black because colour is for ‘other people’, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it.) I, too, love bees. I always say hello to them whenever I encounter them. Did you know that they spit water on one another in very hot weather? I like to imagine that they’re buzzing about from flower to flower and then when it gets really hot, instead of getting grumpy and stinging people like wasps do they’re like “water fiiiight!”…

  3. What a pretty little dress. I have three boxes of buttons. One ancient with buttons that once belonged in my granddads sewing box, one with artisan and special buttons and another full of buttons I’ve taken off old clothes.

  4. Lucy

    (And mine too!)

    Love the dress, if I had a little girl (mine’s grown up now) I’d certainly be putting her in it!

  5. Katharina F

    Dear Charlotte & Irene,

    First of all, the dress is lovely! ❤ Hope you’ll share a picture of the little girl wearing the dress with us.

    I have a question for you: where do you buy your buttons? I have a hard time here in Austria finding adorable buttons. Many thanks!

    Katharina xx

  6. Lori Morton

    My buttons are alllll kept in an ooooold fruitcake tin!!! lol But I looooove rumaging thru it! 🙂

    Ur dress is absolutely adorable!! Super job!!

  7. Splithoof Rivera

    I tried to use your email form but the confirmation for sending on second page didn’t show so I’m posting here:

    Hi. Apologies in advance for the fanperson flapping.

    I am late to the game because Australia but I just finished your season of the Bee. I loved your personality from day 1. The way you helped people and how you were sad when they left and I kept telling my partner how you were my favourite. I peeked at your blog halfway throigh (that matchstick quilt!) but luckily didn’t understand the trophy wasn’t given to all participants and when I saw your zip post I cried thinking you’d gotten second or third so when you won both my partner and I shouted and even cried a little! The relationship with your children’s stepmother would have been envious if not for the fact I can’t possibly be jealous of people who are kind to each other.

    Anyway blathering over – I see you haven’t updated in a bit and I’d love to see more. I realize you don’t blog for others and you’re probably heaps busy so please, no pressure.

    Thank you for being such a kind inspirational soul. 🙂

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