One-hour pyjama bottoms and a giveaway!


I’m so excited to be guest blogging over at Girl Charlee this week, with a tutorial for a really fast and easy pair of pyjama bottoms. I have about a million* pairs of these, and they are perfect for kids too.

photo 12

(*may be a slight exaggeration)

As a celebration of all things comfy, Mark at Girl Charlee is giving away a generous 3 m cut of fabric to make your very own pair of pjs (or pairs, if you’ve got a small person to sew for). All you need to do is pop over to the Girl Charlee website and join the mailing list via the little box on the home page, then comeΒ back here and leave a comment so that I can enter you into the draw. The giveaway is open for a week (until midday UK time on Wednesday 31 August). Good luck!


  1. Lisa Wiggins

    Oooooh goody would love to win so I can make some lovely pj’s for me & my mini me πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Sarah Meelan

    Hi Charlotte, just signed up to the mailing list. I’ve just bought an over locker so your pj project will be perfect for me to get started.

  3. Faye

    Signed up. I am really looking forward to trying out your tutorial, as soon as i’ve finished the mountain of other sewing bits i’ve got going on πŸ™‚ it looks great!

  4. Kat

    Ummm, you mean I could stop lounging around in a pair of pyjama bottoms that I’ve had since I went to university *mumble* years ago and that is mostly made of stitching that holds the holes together? Surely not!

    I’ve signed up. Pyjama bottoms with foxes on them shall be mine!

  5. Kate Whyte

    I’ve signed up on their mail list and would love the chance to win some fabric for jammies, thanks Charlotte.

  6. Catie

    Oh wow I keep meaning to make PJs then get distracted by dresses! This could be the perfect excuse πŸ˜„
    Have signed up and got fingers crossed.

  7. The pineapple print is fab. I think pineapples are the new owls … I’m seeing them on all sorts of things this summer. I’ve signed up for the emails.

  8. Selina

    Great tutorial Charlotte and love the comfy pjs! At the moment I’m mostly living in pjs due to illness so it would be great to have some pretty fabric for new ones. I’ve signed up to Girl Charlee 😊

  9. Stephanie Slack

    I love these PJ bottoms and will definitely have to try to make some. I do like the pineapple fabric but the motorbike fabric looked brilliant. Have signed up for newsletter xx

  10. Jane Clay

    All signed up! Love the tutorial. Looking at the fabrics, I was very taken by the ‘Love’ motif – and ‘All you need is love’ came on my i-pod. Obviously a sign from the i-pod gods….

  11. Lisa Sherratt

    I’m all signed up – I am expecting my first baby (any day!!) So I’m stocking up on PJs for the first few months πŸ™‚

  12. Caroline Hogg

    I think if I could make my own PJs I would never need to leave the house. Dream! I’ve joined the mailing list.

  13. Maisie

    I love those pineapple PJs! I’ve been meaning to make myself some sleep/lounge wear for ages, but haven’t had the confidence of spare cash 😳 I’ve joined the mailing list though so fingers crossed!

  14. Abi Bettle

    I’ve signed up to their mailing list! What a lovely site, looking forward to their emails. Thanks for the tutorial, I’m bursting with pj ideas now!

  15. Liz

    Great idea Charlotte, will be giving these a go! You’ve inspired me to take up sewing after watching you on the Sewing Bee, loved your approach to sewing and was pleased you won! I’ve joined the mailing list xx

  16. Rachel

    I’ve signed up for the mailing list – great to know about a fabric shop that ships to Europe. I was also excited to see the pjs tutorial as I’ve promised my husband some pjs after a particularly chilly camping trip last month, but unfortunately he doesn’t yet own any pjs that I can use as a pattern!

  17. Lisbeth Bakewell

    I’ve signed up! These look so comfy, I might also need a million pairs (also maybe a slight exaggeration!)

  18. Francesca Crutchfield

    All signed up. What a fab collection of fabrics. I see a lot of PJs in my kids very near futures!

  19. Caroline Ashford-Smith

    Yaaaay! Finally a sewing thing I can understand! Hope I win some of that fab fabric! πŸ˜‰

  20. Sarah fitchett

    All signed up! Have three small boys in dire need of PJ bottoms, so this would be great! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘–πŸ‘–πŸ‘–

  21. Danielle kohlman

    Signed up. Never heard of them before so thank you for the heads up πŸ™‚ now going to go back over for a browse!

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