Still alive

Well, that was weird. I’m not sure what happened there but I apparently dropped off the face of the bloggy world for a (long) while. It’s not as if I haven’t got stuff to show you, I’ve just been feeling quiet, I guess. That, and Instagram is so quick and easy.

In the last few months I have made a lot of clothes, several bee blocks (although not as many as I should have – ahem), started knitting again and finished my Courthouse Steps quilt just in time for Lucy’s 12th birthday. I’ve been ill (missing out on teaching at the Fat Quarterly Retreat – bloody timing), been working at realjob, teaching (loving the sampler quilt class at The Village Haberdashery), fretting about my suddenly ill, very aged grandmother, and trying to keep my head above water in the summer holidays. It’s been quite the time.

I miss this space. I miss having the opportunity to ramble on. It’s not good for me to stay so quiet – it permeates everything. The silence isn’t just here. I write for myself, and I miss it.

Note to self: make more of an effort. And knit more hats.


  1. I was wondering about you the other day, but then I thought maybe you'd got one of them there 'life' thingies, and stopped to ponder with awe and wonder… Good to see you back anyway :o)

  2. I love that last shot! I hope you have blown it up and stuck it on the wall…in the loo or somewhere. Welcome back. I've been MIA too but as you say it's good to write.

  3. Woohoo, welcome back. 🙂 I've missed you. ^_^ I think the summer just ends up being a little slower in blog land. 🙂 I look forward to your continued creative endeavors!

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