Me-Made May

In spite of the absolute lack of photographic evidence, I actually managed to wear me-made clothing every day in May. This was in no small part due to the sweatshop nature of my dressmaking habit. Thanks to my favourite Croydon-based, rainbow geese-obsessed, dirty-minded, photo-taking quilting friend, Kelly, and yesterday’s Nintendo Guild meet-up I can now show you what I’ve been sewing.

First up, the Red Velvet dress by Cake patterns. Love the 50s vibe. So wearable in jersey. Goes nicely with buttercups.

I’m an idiot. And I am not missing a leg.

Next, the Lady Skater, in some unnamed viscose jersey that I picked up at a quilt show. I *love* this dress. It’s so comfortable, and skims nicely over my curvy bits.

Not sure what I was going for here.

And jumping on the bandwagon (and channelling my inner Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, apparently), the Moneta. I must make more of these, immediately.

Next up, complete with photobomb from Baxter, the giant horse-dog, a Flora (with massive FBA). I am *very* proud of this one. I did actual alterations on a proper muslin and everything. Go me!

I’m happy because my legs are hidden by the grass.

And finally, an Emery dress, with a pleated (rather than gathered) skirt. What a great pattern – there will definitely be more of these in my future.

This is allegedly a dog toy. I’m not buying it.

So there you have it. All my new clothes at once so you can skip the ridiculous photos in one go. You’re welcome!


  1. Thank you for making a Skater dress and showing that it works on us curvy folk!!! I have been wanting to make one, but was unsure of the end results. Also…you have the absolute BEST poses in all of blog world.

  2. Oh, your dresses are great! I want to start sewing clothing again, after many years. Yours are an inspiration. I think I might start small, though, with some skirts πŸ™‚

  3. The dresses are terrific, and you look adorable in them! If I still had any figure at all (at 67, EVERYTHING has spread out gone south), I'd make myself one or two of them. I get such a kick out of your posts. They help make my day start with a smile.

    xo Linda

  4. Wow, you definitely get all the gold stars for such a plethora of dress sewing. Wow, wow, wow! My favorite on you is the lady skater dress. Also, I'm going to call it – you'll always be my favorite clothes model. Seriously though, I love the way your personality comes right through. You make me smile!

  5. So first of all, Nintendo Guild? I am so jealous. Second of all, I love all your awesome dresses! I can't even pick a favorite. I need to come live near you so I can a) join the Nintendo Guild, b) play with your dog, and c) learn how the crap to do a FBA. Oh and d) learn modeling tricks from you because your photos are always brilliant.

  6. ha, i was going to say, "why are you holding a —-?" before i saw your caption to it :).
    by far your sexiest photo shoot yet. for multiple reasons…

  7. Yeah for Kelly actually catching up with your growing wardrobe! Now all we need are the Boden catalogue subtitles – Charlotte's favourite icecream flavour is raspberry. Favourite holiday destination is Rome! Loves to wake up to birdsong! Etc!

    All look good to me!

    Do you ever do quilts now then?

  8. Love your photo shoots! Taking the piss is an art form and of itself! And so desperately trying to work out how to fit garment making into the schedule so I can look half as good as you do in your gorgeous frocks!

    • charlottenewland

      I think the Lady Skater is more flattering, but the Moneta hides a multitude of sins πŸ˜‰

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