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I had an “aha” moment the other day when I realised why I’ve been doing so well on my no-quilting-fabric-but-dressmaking-fabric-is-totally-allowed plan: I have suddenly turned into the world’s most prolific dressmaker. It’s a veritable sweatshop here. And then there are all the totally quilt-worthy leftovers that don’t count as fabric purchases because they are scraps. See? Genius!

This weekend was a whirlwind of pattern tracing, full bust adjustments (I can do them without looking at tutorials now) fabric cutting and frantic sewing together of garments. I’ve got another dress waiting in the wings and two others are yet to be photographed, but without further ado, I present to you:

1. The Victoria Blazer. What a fabulous pattern. I love this so much! I sewed a size 12 (UK) with no adjustments other than shortening it by three inches (the long was too long for me and the cropped was too cropped – this is the Goldilocks length). It’s fully lined (including the sleeves) in Liberty lawn (oh my god, I love sewing with this stuff) and the outer is some unlabelled tiny pinstripe something-or-other I got on Berwick Street. It was a remnant, albeit a very generous one – four metres of the stuff for about £20. This jacket is going to get some serious wear this summer. And who can blame me, when it makes me feel this sexy:

And yet again, I delight in the modelling of clothing.

2. A(nother) Washi dress. This time with a lined bodice and collar (both from the new expansion pack). I made a size small with an FBA, and I really love the fit. I don’t think I can have too many of these dresses – it’s such a fantastic pattern. And it’s perfect for a little light swinging.

That’s what she said!

Thanks to Kelly for her marvellous photography skillz. Love you, Croydon.

  1. Not only do I get a "that's what she said", but I get some amazing shots of you being totally natural. Perfect post. You are the best! Both the dress and the blazer are lovely on you, my dear!

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