Rachel, it seems like five minutes since you turned thirteen. Please stop growing up so fast. Not only is it making me feel old, but your little-girlness is slipping away at an alarming rate. I dread the day when you no longer want me to wait “just a sec, just a sec” (spoiler alert – it never is just a sec) while you get ready for bed so that I can tuck you in. I feel it now, that cutting of the umbilical cord. Your perfectly natural and appropriate independence. But you are my baby, my first, my little girl. I remember the teenage years being hard to cope with as a teenager, but I never realised how hard it is as a parent. Next you’ll develop an interest in dating, god help us all.

But how can I be afraid when I see the amazing person you are becoming. Kind, funny, beyond thoughtful – you work so hard to include everyone. You are doing well in school, both socially and academically. I love that you have such good friends.

Sweetheart, you keep growing up, ok? I’ll get used to it.

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