Bloody hell, a finished quilt!

My Migration quilt is finished! I’m so pleased with how it turned out and it didn’t take long at all. Of course, that’s what happens when the world’s best bee mates make most of the blocks. I’m really liking this bee thing.

I whacked the blocks up on the design wall fairly randomly without thinking about it too much and tried to minimise the faddling about with rearranging that normally lasts at least a week. I’m really glad I did – over thinking these things can take a lot of the fun out of the process for me. As it was, I had this arranged, sewn together and quilted in about six hours. The binding took the rest of the evening (I just can’t not hand finish a binding – it’s a slight obsession).

It’s backed in Ikea numbers, partly because I had eight metres of the stuff and I’m still on that fabric diet (update: still no quilting fabric purchases), but I really like it here anyway so it’s not exactly a hardship. I quilted in wavy lines with a green/yellow variegated thread. I love the contrast between the sharp angles of the geese and the organic quilting.

All three kids individually called dibs on it once it was finished. Now that’s what I call a success (as long as they don’t start fighting over it, of course).

  1. It looks so great 🙂 After making a couple of these blocks for Mary, I can appreciate it's a great design for a bee and the mix of fabrics is fab.

  2. Great colours. Especially like what you chose for the binding. Perfect choice. Not surprised all your kids want it. So. What's up next?

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