I’ve hit on the magic formula for getting stuff done

There are several requirements:

1. A cottage in the middle of nowhere.
2. Like-minded sewing friends.
3. No internet connection.
4. Pretty much no telephone connection.
5. No kids/dogs/husbands.
6. A ridiculous amount of giggling.

This magic combination enabled me to finally finish the Denyse Schmidt scappytripalong (initial shame quotient 5/10). That, and a skill swap where Kelly quilted the bugger for me and I helped to piece her triangle quilt. It’s been through the wash now and I have to say that it is growing on me a little. The husband really likes it, so that’s nice. In fact, he just this minute said “I love this quilt – it’s kind of old school”. So there you go – I speak only the truth.

Thanks so much to the ladies of the Nintendo Guild (Pennie, Nathalie, Amy and Kelly) for the most fabulous, productive weekend. Remember, ladies – what happens in Suffolk STAYS in Suffolk. Love you!

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