That was the year that was

And it was a good one, in the main. Everyone was healthy (apart from the bloody dog, but thank goodness for pet insurance), I have a job, the kids are happy, and there is more love in this house than I ever thought possible.

I started the year belonging to three bees, and ended with only one. Note to self: three is definitely too many.

The biggest highlight of the year had to be attending QuiltCon (and winning a ribbon). Teaching sewing to kids comes a close second. And then there are my two very-old-but-new-to-me sewing machines. And meeting Lizzy House. Ok, so there were a lot of highlights.

I made some quilts and started some others. Juicy won the two colour category in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. My blue Oakshott baby quilt (top left) sadly got lost in the post on the way to my new great-nephew. Bloody postal service.

I wrote a few tutorials.

And I made a couple of bags.

And quite a lot of little things.

But the biggest thing for me this year was rediscovering dressmaking (and remembering how much I hate posing for photos)

My goals for 2014 are to finish my WIPs of shame, make more clothes, eat (slightly) less cake, and tidy up now and again. I should be fine with the second, but the rest are highly doubtful. One out of four isn’t bad, right?

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