Split personality sewing

The enjoyment I get from making clothes is entirely different from quilting. It’s really odd, but I am much more process driven when dressmaking. I think it might be because I sew clothes universally from patterns, and I quilt mostly improvisationally (or from my own designs).

Sleepover pyjamas – Oliver & S

I want quilts to be finished already so that I can see whether they look like they did in my head. Dressmaking, on the other hand, is for savouring.

Pocket detail, Ice Cream Dress – Oliver & S

Obsessively tidy edge stitching, hyper neat seam finishing, french seams when I can – that’s what I love. But give me a quilt where the points have to match and I will be swearing and sighing with the best of them.

Hand-picked zip, Starling Dress – Clever Charlotte

Word of the week: meticulous. I’m not making that the word for the year. I know my limits.

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