Live and learn

I had a feeling before starting to make this dress that it would be a bad idea but for some reason I just didn’t listen to my inner voice. I convinced myself that it would be fine.

There is, however, a very good reason for the lack of photographic evidence of the intact dress. It really REALLY wasn’t fine. All it needed was an opening at the back and they would be sliding me into the MRI machine or wheeling me off to surgery. I suspect that my decision to use the fabric back to front may have had something to do with it – the stripes are just not defined enough in reverse. That and the usual issues with having giant baps and being somewhat vertically challenged.

beware the crazy staring lady

Anyway, I had made it so carefully (and used a good wodge of Botanics as the facing) that I couldn’t bear to ditch it entirely. So I chopped about 30 cm off the bottom, hemmed it straight, and it made me look like a dental nurse. Arse. Needless to say there is no photographic evidence of this either.

So then I took in the side seams (a lot – it was pretty triangular). And now it looks like an artist’s smock. I can live with that.

In fact, I am learning to embrace it.

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