Done and done

There is a cushion-hogging teenager in this house, with a firm preference for the nice big, fluffy, super comfy cushions that are MINE, dammit. I bought some 22 inch feather-filled cushion pads a while back (I won’t admit how long, but I think you might empathise) to make a couple of cushions reserved entirely for adult use, and then totally failed to do anything about making covers for them.

I wanted something scrappy in the hope that it would hide the paw prints/dog hair/general grime that accumulate at a frightening rate for some unknown reason (*cough* bloody dog *cough*), and I really love the x and + blocks that took over quilt-land this time last year. Because I like my cushions to be pleasingly squishy I needed four 10 inch finished blocks for each pad, but could only find cutting directions for 12 or 8 inch blocks. Luckily it’s a pretty easy block to figure out with a bit of squared paper and a ruler. In case you are interested, here is a cutting diagram to make a 10 inch finished block (10.5 inches unfinished) using Amy’s original piecing tutorial.

I used a whole mix of blue scraps for the arms of the x, and Botanics for the rest. I love these bright oranges – they make me so happy. In the interests of just getting it done, I echo-quilted on the sewing machine, resisting the almost overwhelming temptation to spend weeks hand stitching the buggers.

They are backed with a white-on-black text print from Madrona Road that has been languishing in my stash for almost a year. Again, in the interests of not taking any longer than absolutely necessary, I went with simple envelope backs. One day I’ll make a cushion with a zip, but this was not the time.

So there you have it: the first bit of sewing for 2014, and it was all from stash. This fabric diet thing might work out ok after all.

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