Miss Maggie and her acoutrements

Tonight is Chanukah. It is really early this year, falling in November for the first time since 2002 (god bless you and your useless-information finding skills, Google), so I had a slight panic at the end of last week trying to get everything done in time. And by everything, I mostly mean buying a couple of presents (Chanukah tends not to be the giant gift- and food-fest that is Christmas). There was one present that took a little longer, however. I was totally seduced by the adorableness of Miss Maggie Rabbit as soon as I saw her, and absolutely *needed* to make one for Lucy. And then I *needed* to make her several outfits. Please bear with me for the Maggie fashion show:

Maggie comes with patterns to make boots, a dress and a knitted cape, so that was a no-brainer.

But then she needed a hat

And a handbag, with books and pencils

And some summer clothes

And of course, some bunny pjs to sleep in (can you believe those buttons actually work? EEEEEEP!!!!)

And a foxy flannel dressing gown with tiny but fully functional pockets

And last but not least, bunny slippers for those lazy mornings

And I’m sure that, over time, she will get more things. Bunnies need to be properly dressed, after all.

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