Migration – a bee block

November is my month in the Stingy Bee, and I seem to have gone a little bit goose crazy.
This 16” square block is made of three sizes of flying geese (1 x 2”, 2 x 4”, and 4 x 8” finished). Use the stitch-and-flip method to make four of the tiny geese, 19 medium geese and three large geese (and an extra reverse goose as a siggy block). And look, I’m getting all scientific and technical with my cutting instructions:
I’d love the background fabrics to be as scrappy as possible (but each goose to have only one background, please), with shades of grey and white (solids, prints or subtle batiks), but no cream/ivory. The geese can be solids or prints (and batiks in moderation) in shades of lime, turquoise, chartreuse, teal and dark grey/black, based on this palette from Design Seeds (with additional tweaking by the marvellous palette generator at Play Crafts).
Just in case you’re not familiar with the stitch-and-flip flying geese technique, here is a quick how-to photo guide:
this is the siggy goose, that’s why the background squares are colourful

 Once you have made all your geese, assemble them into quarter blocks like this:

 And then stitch them together into one giant goose-fest:

And you’re done!

Thanks so much, ladies – I really look forward to seeing your blocks!

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