Tickled (see what I did there?)*

*clue: feathers, d’oh!

When I first set eyes on the feathers print from Field Study I *knew* that I had to wrap it around myself in a clothing-related manner. Of course, then I faffed about and forgot to buy any before it pretty much disappeared from the web. Luckily, one of the vendors at Quiltcon (I can’t remember who, sorry) had a whole bolt of the stuff on sale, so I snapped up three yards with nothing particular in mind.

And then it sat in a drawer for six months (please tell me I’m not alone in this need to buy all of the fabric right now and not use it). It stared at me, petulantly, until I finally got the courage up to make a Schoolhouse Tunic, which I have been wearing pretty much non-stop since.

I really hate posing for photos, so I decided to embrace the ridiculousness of the situation and do my best impression of a 1980s clothing catalogue.

How did I do?

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