Your mother was a hamster*

*and your father smelt of elderberries

The kids are back to school and work has returned with a bang. I’ve had my head down deciphering awful writing all week, with very little time for anything else. The dog walking must go on, however, and with it the final little bits of foraging for the year. The blackberries are all gone now (mostly to my house, admittedly), so this week was all about elderberries.

They take quite a lot of cleaning and de-twigging, and you end up with a far less impressive amount than you thought, but hey – free food, right? And jam. You can’t go wrong with jam.


This autumn I’ve made a ton of apple pie filling (yum!), a million blackberry things (jam, cobbler, crumbles, pies, vodka and gin) and now elderberry jam. If you overlook the price of the equipment, sugar and booze then it has all been totally free. Ahem. It’s a little like sewing from scraps, with the same gratifying pioneer spirit. I could get used to this.

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