Juicy fruit

I am so glad to have this little number finished. It makes me ridiculously happy with all its glowy, shiny gloriousness.
It’s machine quilted with miraculous size 16 perle cotton. Miraculous because it works perfectly for both the top and bobbin thread in my Janome. I had wanted to hand quilt this baby, but chickened out because of the ridiculous seam situation I would have to deal with. This thread meant that I could get the chunky stitch look without making holes in my fingers. Excellent.

I drew around three different sized plates to make the circles and then used a walking foot and five colours of thread for the stitching.

I love the way that all the colours can be seen on the back as well as the front. Well worth winding all those bobbins, I think.

Once again I am glad that I am quite short – it’s just big enough for my lap (finishing up at 45 x 50 inches). I’m not sure that I have this concept completely out of my system yet. I’m thinking a bigger version, using larger HSTs. But not for a while.

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