Woven, and insanity

Ages ago, I happened across this image on Pinterest. As well as being amazed that it was a painting (seriously, the talent!!) I knew that I wanted to make a quilty version. Hence this big old pile of assorted neutrals, which then became a similarly big old pile of strips:

That were then foundation pieced onto white sheeting to make the woven effect:

The insanity came with the quilting – very dense, with lines about 1 – 2 mm apart, with thread to match the fabric. The piecing itself took about 12 hours (bear in mind that this is a very small quilt – about 50 by 80 cm), but the quilting took days and days. 
I deliberately left some sections unquilted so that there would be some variation in texture. And not because I couldn’t take any more. Really. Pinky swear.
Although, don’t get me wrong, I was glad when it was finished.
Very glad indeed.
This is destined for the wall, eventually. We have building work going on at the moment (and for at least the next three months, god help us). I have a feeling I might be escaping to the sewing shed even more than usual.

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