This post is brought to you by a surname

Jones, to be specific.

Look at my new baby. My hand-cranked, 100-years-old, sews-like-a-dream baby. I learned to make clothes on a machine just like this, way back when I was nine. I had forgotten until now, when I was showing the children how it worked, the beauty of having such direct speed control. It more than makes up for the limitations of having to use only one hand to steer the fabric.

This machine is so old school that the bobbin is a little teeny shuttle and there are no seam allowance markings. Nothing a piece of washi tape won’t fix.

The other Jones in this story is everyone’s favourite monkey. When I saw her at the Festival of Quilts a couple of weeks ago she did an extremely successful job of selling me a Sizzix and some dies. To be fair, I had been wanting to get one for a while and the show price was too good to pass up. I have a habit of keeping every tiny little scrap of fabric, with no real idea of what I could do with them. Enter the 2.5 inch half-square triangle die.

I spent a happy afternoon ironing and then cutting out perfect triangles. It seemed only right that the first bit of sewing I did with the new machine was age-appropriate. And what could be more old-timey than an HST scrap project (with a little bit of seam-rolling thrown in for good measure)?

This one will take a while. I’m going to add to it as my scraps accumulate. More excuse (as if I need one) to generate even more offcuts.

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