Three years

It was our third wedding anniversary on July 4th (not-so-much-independence day for my lovely American husband) and that means leather, apparently. I did briefly consider a pair of leather knickers, or possibly a full-on gimp suit (as a joke, honest) but thought better of it. For several reasons, not least of which was the sweatiness. And my tradition of making the gift myself.

I have met lots of lovely people while out walking the pup, and one regular companion is my friend Gaulaleh (“G” for short) and her adorable whippet, Willow (who has his own twitter account). It turns out that G makes dogs’ collars and other stuff out of leather, and she very generously let me have a play with her equipment (fnarr).

This little heart is cut from American buffalo leather, and the writing was made by hammering the crap out of some letterpress type. In case you are wondering, “eight” is our shorthand for eternal, undying love. And now you may vomit.

I’ve looked ahead at the list of gifts (both US and UK), and I should be ok until 10 years when I will have to make something out of tin. I clearly need to cultivate some more dog-walking buddies.

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