Copycat, copycat, sitting on the doormat

You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? When I saw Pennie’s completely adorable model aeroplane I had to have one of my very own. She’s a clever girl, that Pennie. Taking her lead, I printed out the pattern pieces two to a page and went from there.

Because the straps are made from quite heavy webbing I decided to attach them all the way to the bottom of the bag instead of between the panels like in the original pattern. I didn’t want to insert something so bulky into that seam. Of course, that meant that I had to stitch through a gazillion layers on the bottom seam when assembling the bag. I clearly didn’t think that through properly.
It’s so cute and teeny, and yet holds all the necessaries. Including the embarrassingly matchy-matchy wallet. I’m certainly getting a lot out of these AMH linens. Of course, now I want more. It’s always the way.

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