Teacher’s quilt progress, also known as I hate sashing

The other day I finally got hold of the child who was missing from the handprint quilt so I could, at last, get on with the next stage in making the top. The sashing. Ugh. Is it just me, or is sashing the most tedious thing in the quilt-making world?

Of course, it was made even more annoying by my moronic decision to use 1 inch finished strips. I cut them a little wider than necessary and trimmed to 1 1/4 inches after sewing the first seam. I find this makes it more accurate, and at least fifty percent more of a hassle. Anyway, it all worked out just fine in the end.

The top is all done and I’m going to baste it this weekend ready for hand quilting. I need to get a wriggle on if I’m going to get it finished before the teacher emigrates. And no, before you ask, she’s not leaving the country to get away from my delightful child, although I wouldn’t exactly blame her.

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