I suggest you put your sunglasses on now

If you follow me on Instagram (over here, if you’re interested) you might have seen the slightly scary photos of my shiny-lycra-clad bum the other day. Just to give a bit of context, in case you think that’s my usual attire, I was sewing the Bombshell swimsuit, from Closet Case Files.

I’ve always been frustrated when trying to buy a swimsuit because (since I am not exactly blessed in the height department) the torso always comes out way too long, resulting in a saggy crotch. And let me assure you, that is not a good look for anyone. Eeeek. I duly chopped three inches off the bodice length and it came out exactly right.

I think this is a fabulous design for those of us who may be feeling a bit, ummm, let’s say “mature”. It’s modest on the rear and yet provides pretty damn good support for the bosoms. In case you are wondering, I didn’t add bra cups to my suit (mostly because I couldn’t find any big enough) and I feel perfectly encapsulated. The halter neck helps with the hoisting, of course, but the cups are placed to avoid as much side-boob as possible. And there’s no need for an overlocker – this little beauty was sewn entirely on my trusty Janome!

And sorry about the gratuitous arse shot, but that’s what happens when you ask your husband to take photos. Trust me, these are the least dicey of the bunch. Eye bleach anyone?

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