For Amy

It was Amy’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to make her leeetle something to celebrate both that and the fact that she is lovely. I know that she has a bit of a thing for green (understatement of the decade) so I had a rummage around in my much depleted Oakshott colour box and made a teeny version of my Emerald City quilt. An Emerald Village, if you like.

It’s the pretty much exactly the same as its big brother, including the quilting. Just a lot teenier. I forgot to measure it before I bunged it in the post (of course) but I think it’s about 16 inches square.

And I only slightly buggered up the printing on the label. Is it just me, or are those rotating stamp things a total nightmare? I always make such a mess. Grrr.

Linking up to the Modern Mini Challenge over at Ellison Lane. Check out all the entries!

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