Englishness in a glass

I was out walking the pup yesterday and suddenly noticed the huge numbers of elder trees that are in bloom at the moment. They seem even more overblown than usual somehow – maybe it’s the delayed spring we had or maybe it’s the fact that until last summer (before Katie) I very rarely ventured outside. And certainly not for a walk. Shudder.

I thought to myself, why not pick some of them and make elderflower cordial. It can’t be that hard, right? It’s just water and sugar and elderflowers (obviously), and maybe a couple of other things. Once again my poo bag stash came in very handy. Last time it was for collecting wild garlic scapes, which are a lot nicer than poo, I can tell you.

I used this recipe, and left the flowers to steep for about 36 hours. Just long enough to get hold of some bottles. The children have already declared it “better than the stuff from the shops, mummy”, which is a success in my book.

It’s possible that I may have to give some away, however – I’m not sure even we can drink two litres of the stuff.

Although, it does go very nicely with gin so I will do my best.

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