We have just got back from a short break to possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been – the Scottish Highlands. Wow. It is breathtakingly, achingly, incredibly gorgeous. We stayed in a fantastic guesthouse in Oban, which looks like this (but without the peculiar v-shape from the panoramic photo, obviously):

Unfortunately we only had two nights there, but did manage to hire a car at the last minute and spent the day driving around with our mouths agape in awe at scenes like this:
Glen Nevis
The trip was way too short (aren’t they always?), and of course now we want to move to Scotland as soon as possible. Although my sensible side reminds me that it barely gets light in winter, not to mention that I can’t move the kids away from their dad. Oh well. Maybe when we retire we can get a summer home on the banks of a loch or something. That would be nice. I’m just off to look at property websites – I may be some time.

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