Not-at-all-wordless Wednesday – the one with the new machine

I’m in love. With a machine. And it is so quiet and smooth (totally vibration free, in fact) that my husband can’t raise an eyebrow (for once, Kelly, your dirty mind is totally justified). I’ve been putting up with my old Janome for a while now. It was bought fairly recently but was a poorly considered purchase made before I started quilting in earnest. The tension was a bit crappy, there was no automatic thread cutter, it had a tiny throat space, and it was annoyingly “blessed” with a gazillion unnecessary stitches.

Enter the spectacular Juki TL-98P – a straight stitch only semi-professional machine that does not mess about. It has adjustable foot pressure and can sew through massive wodges of fabric, so is perfect for bag making. I can’t wait to make the aeroplane bag.

Anyhoo, I found some time today to work on a new quilt that’s been brewing for a while. I’ve been putting it off because it’s all HSTs, and I couldn’t quite get off my arse to start. Silly really, because I used Thangles, which make the whole process so much faster. I made 220 HSTs in about three hours – there is no way I could have done that using the traditional method.

It was quite meditative – sew, cut, trim, press, rip – and I love the result. I’m planning on adding a background of low-volume prints to fill in the edges and make the whole thing quite a lot bigger without having to make more HSTs.

These babies finish at 3 and 1.5 inches, and are made in seven kona shades (papaya, orange, kumquat, tangerine, flame, tomato and red). I was going to make some even smaller ones (to finish at 0.75 inches) but I drew the line. There’s a limit, even with Thangles, and I think I may have reached it.

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