Assorted secret sewing

Daniel’s teacher is wonderful. She is fun and enthusiastic, and at the same time has absolute control of the chaos associated with 30 seven-year-old children. Very impressive. So when I heard that she is pregnant and also moving to Australia I thought a quilt was in order.
I bought a couple of metres of a really nice check recently, just for the hell of it because it was on ridiculous sale. Then I bought matching Kona solids and cut them into 8-inch squares. Each child in the class made a hand print and signed their name, and that was that. I’m going to sash them with turquoise and then hand quilt around each square. Nice and simple, but a sweet reminder of her last class 
One child was missing – I’ll catch her later.

Needless to say at least one child let it slip later in the day. Sigh.

The other secret sewing involves playing with some Oakshotts, which is pretty much my favourite thing to do.

 That’s all I can show at the moment. I’m having fun though!

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