Warning – gratuitous pie

I like to take a multicultural approach to life, especially when it adds extra opportunities for cramming dessert in my face. As it turns out, yesterday was Pi day (March 14, or 3.14 if you are American. Geddit?). It would have been rude not to mark this important date in some way – I would hate to accidentally insult any nationality, particularly one that I live with.

Of course, this desire to make pie had nothing at all to do with this recipe that I happened to find the other day while looking for the perfect chocolate cake (that search is still ongoing, so any suggestions would be welcome). For the love of all that is good and holy – a chocolate pie. Pie. With chocolate. And pie. It is seriously, deliciously creamy, and not heavy at all. It is, however, extremely rich, so small(ish) slices are the order of the day.

Now let’s gloss over the fact that I had a slice for breakfast and pretend that walking the dog later will burn off all the extra calories, shall we?

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