Watch out, this is a bit more serious than usual. Sorry about that.

While I was at Quiltcon I was overwhelmed by the amazing creativity surrounding me. The quilts, the lectures, the people, the margarita-fuelled discussions. I expected to come home full of ideas about the millions of things I wanted to make, but the strangest thing has happened.

I want to make less.

I want to sew more meaningful things. Not just to sew for the sake of sewing. To take time, and pay attention, and not be in a hurry to have another thing made and finished and ticked off the list.

I’ve discovered that I have no list.

There will always be sewing for babies and weddings and assorted other gift situations. There will always be charity quilts and bee blocks. But this house already has enough quilts. The only quilts I need to make are the ones that speak to me somehow, that keep me awake in the middle of the night. I feel as though I have been running to keep up with everyone else, and have only now figured out that there is no race.

And now you can slap me.

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