Daniel, yesterday you turned seven years old. So much has changed in my life since you were born that I sometimes forget to notice the tiny individual steps you have taken that make you the fantastic person you are.  

You are hilarious – really and truly intentionally hilarious. You make excellent use of sarcasm (that’s my boy) and the bait-and-switch. 
You are loving and warm. One of my favourite things in the world is snuggling with you. Watching you snuggle your stepdad or the puppy come a close second.
You are bright and inquiring and ask really good questions. You know which questions to ask me and which are “Johnny questions” (usually anything involving cars, planes or technology).
You are outgoing and friendly. You are loyal and kind. When you make new friends you make sure to include everyone in your games.

Now all you need to do is stop winding up your sisters quite so much.

Happy birthday, best boy in the world. We love you 8.

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