When life gives you lemons…

…go on a road trip.

I had an early morning call today, one of those wonderful automated things that they use to deliver bad news so you can’t shout at an actual human. My flight from Austin to Dallas was cancelled. There were no seats on any flight out of Austin to any city that connects with London. I need to get home for tomorrow. The man at British Airways did the “computer says no” thing. Anyway, long story short I am now booked to fly out of Houston (a three hour drive away) tonight, and my husband’s amazingly kind and generous best friend is going to drive me there.

Sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need, even if you don’t.

I had time this morning to visit an amazing looking bakery that I had wanted to try, and wander across the road to a hot sauce shop. I will see the wide open Texan spaces and spend time with someone who was a huge part of my husband’s early life. And then, by god, I will get a sodding upgrade if I have to lean over the counter and grab someone by the hair.

It’s all good.

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