*insert sad face emoticon here*

Well, it’s over. I am so tired I can barely think straight. The jet lag, the excitement and the volunteering have all added up to me being a bit of a zombie. Let’s hope that translates into getting some sleep on the plane home tomorrow.

Today I was a workshop assistant in Denyse Schmidt’s improvisational patchwork class (together with the hilarious Julie), which was so much fun. It was amazing to see her teach – she has a very gentle and inspirational style and made sure that everyone felt good about their work. We were really lucky that in the afternoon there wasn’t much to do, and we had time to make a couple of blocks ourselves. The idea is that you choose fabric scraps without looking and, even if you hate them, sew them together into blocks. The universe seemed to be conspiring to make my blocks mostly blue. How did it know?

After class we went for dinner and then watched the Oscars. I’d never seen it before because of the time change thing, but I will confess to being astounded by the ridiculous quantity of botox being used by the actresses. So depressing. Maybe facial expressions somehow interfere with acting. Hmmmm.

Now I am going to bed before I literally fall onto my keyboard face first.

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