Emerald progress

It seems that there is a lot of disagreement about what Emerald actually is. In my (clearly minority) opinion emerald is a very green kind of green, and Pantone Emerald is actually teal. But then I did once spend an entire day being teased by the other members of the LMQG for saying my cardigan was blue when everyone else thought it was purple (yes Pennie, I am talking about you). Maybe I have something wrong with my colour perception. In any case, the organisers of the Pantone Emerald challenge have decreed that any shade of green will do, which is fab because I bought this stack at Quilt Market. I love it when a non-plan comes together.

I really love the colour gradation in these bundles so decided to make an improv quilt with a similar ombre effect. The green panel is about 80% finished at the moment and I am planning on surrounding it with a swathe of neutral pieced from biggish pieces. Or I might decide to keep it as a mini if I run out of time.

please forgive the horrible blur
Once again I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day.

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