A few more quilts

Here’s a small photo dump of some more of the winning quilts. In case you were wondering, the ribbons and labels are not to scale. Just thought I should make that clear in case you thought the quilts were all teeny!

First, the unbelievably amazing winner of the Handwork category (Kelly, control yourself). This quilt is huge – I’m guessing about 8′ x 6′ – and just beautiful. (Click on the photo to enlarge and read the label)

Next is the winner of the Use of Negative Space category:

And the winner of the Group or Bee Quilts, which is just amazing in real life. Seriously, photos do not do justice to any of these quilts.

Finally, this surprisingly tiny and utterly gorgeous mini by Leanne, which came away with an honourable mention in the Negative Space category. And yes, in this photo the ribbon is to scale. It really is that small!

I also watched Heather Ross demonstrating how to make a fabric covered notebook (from printer paper, not just covering a notebook with fabric). She also gave a sneak peek at her new line, Briar Rose, but we weren’t supposed to take photos. Let’s just say it’s completely cute and leave it at that. Oh, and strawberries.

Tonight is the 80s party. I’m going to be a vision in neon orange, unless I totally chicken out at the last minute. Photographic evidence to follow.

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