Kindle cover tutorial!!

As promised, here is a tutorial for the Kindle cover I made the other day. Please let me know if anything is confusing or if you have any questions.

This holder was designed to fit a Kindle Paperwhite (6 5/8” x 4 5/8”) but can be adapted for other tablets/readers. Just measure your device and adjust the dimensions as necessary. 

Pocket/holder5.5 x 8.0” – two each of fabric and fusible interfacing, one of fusible fleece 
Closure2.5 x 3.5” – two each of fabric and fusible fleece 
Main body11.25 x 8.0″ – one each of outer, lining, fusible interfacing and fusible fleece 

You will also need:
Magnetic snap
Two elastic hair bands
Two pieces of plastic canvas, each 4.5 x 7”
Scraps of batting and fusible interfacing

All seam allowances 1/4”. 

Kindle holder/pocket front
Fuse the interfacing and fusible fleece to the front piece of the kindle holder, interfacing first so that the fleece stays puffy. Cut your hair elastics open and then in half so you have a total of four pieces and baste one across each corner, making sure that they are tight so that the Kindle will stay in place.

Check to make sure that everything looks ok at this point and adjust the position of the elastic if necessary. I put my Kindle in and turned the whole thing upside down to make sure it didn’t fall out.

Fuse the interfacing to the other 5.5 x 8.0” piece of fabric. Place wrong sides together with front of holder and pin along one long edge, making sure the front piece is lying flat (the elastic will try to pull it out of shape). Sew along the long edge, flip right sides out and press carefully. Set aside.


Fuse fleece to wrong side of both closure pieces. Attach male part of magnetic snap to one piece, 1” from one of the short edges. I like to put a scrap of batting between the snap and the fabric here, just to reinforce things. Using a scrap of interfacing, fuse a small piece of batting to the back of the other closure piece for strength.
Place pieces wrong sides together and stitch around three sides, leaving the short side at the end opposite the snap open for turning. Backstitch at the beginning and end so that it doesn’t fall apart when you turn it inside out. Clip corners, turn, press and topstitch. Set aside.

Outer body
Fuse interfacing to lining and fusible fleece to outer fabric. Attach female part of magnetic snap, centred 1.5” from outer edge on one short side of outer fabric (with an extra scrap of batting behind it as before).

Position holder/pocket on top of lining fabric, pin carefully and baste around three edges (leaving the finished edge open), making sure that the holder is lying flat (again, the elastic will work against you here).

1. Outer fabric – right side up with snap on the left.
2. Closure – right side down (i.e. snap facing upwards) on the right, centred so that snap lines up. Pin in place.
3. Pocket/lining (basted together) – right side down, with pocket on same side as closure.

Pin carefully and sew along three sides, leaving one long edge open. Turn, poke the corners and press carefully.

Find the middle of the cover, like where the spine would be if it were a book, and use a tight zig-zag stitch to divide the cover into two separate pockets. Insert the plastic canvas:
Press the opening and hand baste it closed (sorry, but pinning through all those layers just won’t work, believe me!). Give the whole thing a good press and topstitch all the way around.  Remove basting stitches, insert Kindle and be pleased with yourself.


  1. Gail

    I really like this cover better than the other patterns and tutorials that I found in my search for free Kindle patterns, but I’m just a little confused by the directions. For the cover and also the closure pieces, your directions say to put wrong sides together and turn… I’m trying to picture this, but shouldn’t it be right sides together for both of those steps? I may need to make a practice one using some scrap fabric to test it out.


  2. Kat Dickinson

    Thank you so much for this, I have been searching for a new cover for my Kobo…this is perfect! Easy to follow and make x

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