Everyone needs a little protection

I’ve been feeling bad about chucking my naked Kindle into my handbag so decided to make the poor thing a cover. There were several requirements. First, it needed to open like a book (so, not a zip pouch). Secondly, it needed to be fairly rigid (yes Kelly, that is your cue to snort). Thirdly, it should be easy to hold while reading. And a pocket for the cable would be nice too.

I bought some gorgeous yarn-dyed Essex and Center City from Annie the other day, with another Sidekick Tote in mind. I’m not normally the matchy-matchy type, but having cut the bits for the bag I had enough left over for a Kindle case. And it’s such gorgeous fabric I couldn’t resist.

So yesterday, on my once-every-two-weeks designated sewing day (not that I don’t sew at other times, but it’s nice to not feel guilty for a change) I hammered out the design and got sewing. There may or may not have been a couple of hiccups along the way, and suffice it to say I was very glad I did a mock up in ugly fabric first, but I ended up with something I am really really happy with. There is a pocket for the cable, or for the Kindle itself if you want to give it a bit of extra protection when you aren’t reading.

It closes with a magnetic snap on a wideish band that when you open the cover can be folded back on itself to both hold it open and form a nice hand hold.

And I used up a couple of left over bits of bag bottom (from the Holiday in London duffle) to make the cover nice and stiff. I don’t like a floppy cover. Fnarr.

Yes, I am reading the Hunger Games. What of it?

Not to mention it is as extraordinarily stylish as I am modest.

It would be pretty easy to adjust the pattern to fit any type of reader or tablety thing. I’ll write up a tutorial at some point – I took loads of photos while I was making it, just in case.

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