Their worth is far above rubies

I’m feeling so incredibly unmotivated at the moment. I’m not sure what it is, although the practically subzero temperatures in the sewing shed/office may have a great deal to do with it. I would much rather stay in the house with the puppy and watch crap telly while snuggling under several quilts. However, there are gifty things that need to be made, and as my family’s annual gift exchange is happening this weekend (aaaaaaaaaargh) I thought I had better get my finger out.

When I saw this weekender jewellery pouch by The Plaid Scottie I knew that I wanted to make one for my mum. It’s a really great pattern with clear instructions, which is always welcome. Kaelin suggests using a half yard of fabric for the larger outer circle (so that the outside and inside are the same fabric) but as I only had a FQ of the Liberty print I used a plain blue for the inside. I’m a rebel like that.

It was really quick to make – probably only an hour from start to finish. And if you used ribbon instead of fabric tape for the ties then it would be even faster.

I realised as I was styling this photo that all of my jewellery is handmade, mostly by my friend Anna or by my grandmother (who only gave up silversmithing at the age of 88). Each piece has a memory attached to it, from the gold and silver ring my grandmother made to wear to my uncle’s wedding, to the earrings that Anna made me for mine. Never mind diamonds – that’s what I call valuable.

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