Puppy = toddler

As you can see, someone had a lot of fun with the wrapping paper this Christmas. We had a lovely day, just the two of us (four if you count the pets), eating way too much food and getting inexplicably tipsy on really not that much champagne. I can drink pretty much anyone under the table with tequila, but when it comes to wine I am off my face after half a glass. Odd, and also convenient when on a budget.

I did manage to sneak some sewing time yesterday though, and whipped up a selvedge spider web block for Liz in the other half of the Kinky Bee. I have so many selvedges it seemed ridiculous not to share, and I have been wanting to give this block a go for a while. It’s pretty huge (17 inches square) so I hope she likes it.

Some extremely exciting news is that both the original Fracture Perv and Analysis of Variance have been accepted to QuiltCon. I’ll be spending the next few days making labels and drawstring bags and sewing hanging sleeves so that I can make the international shipping deadline of 14 January. I am so honoured to have made it to the exhibition, given the really impressive quilts that were submitted all across the blogosphere. And I get to see them hanging in the show – my cup runneth over!

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