I love peppermint bark. I make it every Christmas, to give as a gift and also just to have lying around for those unscheduled chocolate-requiring moments. You know the ones. In fact, I sent a few tins off the other day as my Craft-it-forward gifts (and they seem to have been well received). Normally I make a very straightforward type of bark – one layer of dark chocolate and one of white, with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top. This is very postage friendly, especially in the lovely cold English weather.

But then I saw this recipe and knew that I had to give it a try. Peppermint flavoured dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between two layers of white chocolate, both sprinkled with candy cane dust. OMG. The end result definitely needs to stay in the fridge because it softens very quickly, but it is approximately eleventy billion times nicer than the ordinary kind, and that is saying something.

It’s not really that much extra work, although I did manage to burn my first batch of ganache which was pretty irritating. Luckily I had enough cream left over to try again. And then I accidentally ate all the edge pieces. And some of the not-edge pieces. And now I feel slightly ill.

Oh well, it won’t be the last time that happens between now and next year!

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