Welcome to the pervalong!*

*does not involve actual pervs. Sorry to disappoint you.
Hellooooo! I’m a little bit excited (and also scared) to launch the pervalong today. Please go ahead and grab a button from the sidebar and join the flickr group too, if you like. 
Here is the (hopefully sufficiently relaxed) schedule:

Today: Choosing your colour scheme
Preparing your foundation papers
Piecing central blocks A and B
Piecing central blocks C and D
Border 1
Border 2 and finishing your quilt top 

Colour scheme
The basic principle for choosing your fabrics is to start with a strong colour in the centre (I used Papaya – a lovely warm yellow) and fade gradually through to paler colours (corn yellow, canary and maize) via a bridging colour (ash) and then into increasingly dark shades of a second colour (iron, steel, charcoal, pepper and black):

This principle can obviously be applied to any colour scheme. I’m going to make my second quilt in aqua and green:
A colour card is really really helpful when you are dealing with dicey colour reproduction on computer screens. As an example, jade green looks completely wrong on screen but it’s actually just right. If you don’t have a colour card but want to use a different colour scheme then just ask and I will see what I can do to help.
I was toying with the idea of using pink as the feature colour. I really like it, but in the end decided to go with something completely different.
And for all of you rainbow addicts (you know who you are), here is a rainbow option. Again, the colours are much better in real life:
By marvellous coincidence, Annie at The Village Haberdashery has all of these colourways already picked out for you here, with a fab 10% discount (use the code “PERVALONG” when you checkout, valid until the end of Sunday 23rd). The bundles include all the fabric you need to make your quilt top and binding (7 fat quarters, 2 half metres and one 3/4 metre)You will also need 1 metre (or 1 1/8 yards) of your choice for backing .
It’s two weeks before we start sewing, so you have looooooads of time to get your fabrics ready. Have fun choosing, and please ask if you would like me to have a squizz at my colour card for you. 
Looking forward to having you perv along with me!


  1. Maria

    Hi Charlotte!

    I am new to quilting and came across this quilt of yours that I absolutely love and want to make! I read through all your instructions and two questions:

    1) In the blocks A and B section, you mentioned that if I chose my colour scheme, I could number my fabrics from 1 to 10 “starting in the middle”… I am not sure what you mean by “starting in the middle” … Is there a certain way I should lay my fabrics out then number them?

    2) The fabric requirements you listed for the quilt top are 7 x fat quarters, 2 x half meters and 1 x 3/4 meter. Could you tell me which fabric numbers use which quantity of fabric?

    Thank you!

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