A new dress and a quick question

On the last day of the school holidays (for 2/3 of the kids, anyway) I locked the children in a cupboard and made myself a dress. It’s the Washi Dress, which turned out to be the most wonderfully written and easy to follow pattern. Brilliant enough to overcome the often irritating “print everything out and tape it all together” issue that you get with PDFs.

Thanks to my lovely husband for his photography skills

I made a muslin for the bodice as suggested and decided to go for the small. In retrospect I could have probably done with a medium on the top (I have rather large bosoms), but the shirring in the back makes it quite forgiving, and there’s nothing a good boob hoik (see below) won’t fix.

I’m a classy bird, I am

One of my favourite things about this dress are the pockets. They are really roomy and so useful for dog walking without a handbag. Phone, keys and poo-bags all fitted perfectly. Excellent. I wish I had made this at the beginning of the summer, although it looks cute over a long sleeved top so it should get quite a lot of wear in the autumn.

And now to the question. The pervy Fracture quilt seems to be pretty popular (which is wonderfully exciting), and I was thinking about doing a sort of extended tutorial and/or quiltalong for it. Whaddaya reckon? Is there enough interest out there or am I overreaching myself? It’s not a difficult quilt to make, but does take quite a bit of planning. I would love to share more about the process in a way that would make it easy for other people to make a similar quilt. As an added incentive, the lovely Annie at The Village Haberdashery has offered a discount on Kona Cotton solids as well as a prize (details to be confirmed). So, what do you think? Anyone interested? Let me know in the comments!

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